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I am beyond shocked. Whilst reading through omonatheydidn't I came across a Hankyung article stating that he had suicidal thoughts whilst still with SM. No one should have those thoughts and I am happy that he left before he actually attempted suicide. Here is the link to the article.




I just saw Toy Story 3, and it was fantastic! I am also willing to admit this: I cried like a hungry, angry baby at the end of it, and if anyone says they haven't, you're either lying or have no soul if you watch that film and not cry at the end! If anyone hasn't seen it then go and see it!!!

Catch-Up on LJ

@_0 I haven't posted anything for a long time! Ufortunately I've been at my gran's most of the time and down with REALLY bad hayfever (damn you good weather!). Anyway, I thought I'd post an update on this. (If anyone is interested).
  • I get my exam results in a couple of weeks (Absolutely not looking forward to it)
  • I also go on holiday soon! Yay! I get to go back to the north of Scotland which is beautiful, we drive past so many mountains on the way up from Glasgow.
However there is one small problem: for the holiday my older brother gets to bring his friend along! Which means I'm stuck in the back of the car for FOUR hours!!! Aish! On a random note, I've had the teaser for SHINee's new song Lucifer on repeat for most of the day. I was quite surprised at how long lil' Taemin's hair became but it has grown on me, and WHY have SM shaved most of Key's hair off?! He still looks good, but I miss him having normal looking hair.

And finally on a hair related note, I got my hair changed! I use to always dye it black, but now I've gone lighter. Sorry for not having the clearest picture.

It's not clear here but I've got golden highlights through my hair. The picture was taken by my gran and we're at the apartments by the river Clyde. And the boots I'm wearing are normally quite comfortable, but if you've been walking for a while the become unbearable, and it is quite a walk from my place in Partick to the Clyde!! Anyway I'm going to try and write EITHER a new one-shot or the first chapter of teh TeukChul fic I'm suppose to be writing!

TTFN, Shona xxxx


Trip on Thursday...

Well, this Thursday I'm off to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for an "educational trip". I'm pretty sure it's gonna remind me of Glasgow, but I'll have to wait and see. At least most of my friends are going so they'll make it fun. I'll post pictures of it on Friday or Saturday.


Shona xxxx


Yet another death...

Once again, another musician has died. This time itis #2, AKA The Pig AKA Paul Gray, the bassist from Slipknot was found dead May 24th 2010. As a metal and Slipknot fan, his death has brought sadness to my heart and to Slipknot fans all over, and I only wish I could pass my condolences to his wife, who was expecting their first child at the time. R.I.P.

Oh No!!

Noooo! Monday was my official last day of high school! @_0 My exams are on now and I just did my English exam this morning. I've got maths (hate maths! Be glad to see the end of that!) next Friday, media studies and biology the week after. I've also got an "Educational trip" to Blackpool Pleasure Beach! Ha! Plus I'm dying my hair a different colour something different from black, and I'm thinking of dark blonde...anyone got any other suggestions?


I'm so happy! Why? I'll tell you why:

  • My good friend Kris has gotten into Strathclyde University and will be studying physics
  • I'm going to Alton Towers again this year (I went last year and enjoyed myself, but I got such a bad attack of hayfever I had to stay off school)
  • My older brother is getting close to finding a job
  • My friend Danny's band is getting attention, small but they're getting attention. Become a fan on Facebook. They're called Monday Club.
  • I got into university! YAY! I'm the first member of my family to EVER go on to university straight from high school. Others left at 16 and got jobs or waited until their 30s to go back to uni. I will be studying social work at the University of the West of Scotland, so I'm looking foward to it.

On a random note, I just saw Lee Hyori's comeback stage with "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" and I want her mirror ball trousers! They're so cool!


Kim HyoYeon!

Hyoyeon is fierce now! I love this outfit of her's. All the haters, you better run, run, run, run, run!

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